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A paper cryptocurrency Wallet is a piece of paper printed on a printer and containing a Private Key to your address (wallet) in the Blockchain system. It may also contain a digital currency seed phrase. Using the paper version of the crypto wallet, you can store coins such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Zcash, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and many others. This type of wallet refers to “cold storage” and is safe, provided that the printed sheet is saved. You can also create an electronic crypto wallet ethereum wallet.

Key Advantages of Paper Crypto Wallets:

protection from hackers, due to the storage of information without a network connection;
no threat of data loss due to system errors;
physical ownership of assets;
ease of use;
the ability to perform standard operations with cryptocurrency.
Creating a Paper Crypto wallet
Getting your own paper wallet is quite simple. You need to use special integrator sites to generate keys. A list of such services can be freely found on the web. Next, open the selected service and follow the instructions provided on it.

Creating a paper crypto wallet is a simple process, the main difficulty lies in proper data protection. To test the workflow and a low need for information security, a simple method is suitable.

Step-by-step instructions for performing a simple method:

Make the transition to BitAddress (a service for generating crypto wallets using open source code).
You need to move the pointer on the monitor in order to increase the effect of randomness during key creation OR enter a number of random characters in the “Bitaddress” field.
Then the “paper wallet” item is selected and the result is printed. Now bitcoins are available for sending to a public key.
Important! It is necessary to securely store the private key and not tell anyone, the result may be the loss of the contents of the wallet.

A complicated (safer) way
For users doing serious work with cryptocurrency, confidence in reliable data protection is required. The second method is longer, but is necessary for storing large amounts of money. Creation is performed using a PC.

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